After a stressful and tiring day of work, I know you are tired and not the cleansing comes first to your head, but this is an important step for you to have a beautiful skin! How many times did you go to bed without remove your makeup? If you often choose not to follow this ritual, know that makeup will do you more harm than you think.

Here’s why you should always remove your makeup :

  • To fight allergies
    Your skin may be prone to allergic reactions, even if you have never noticed a symptom. The habit of sleeping makeup can cause eczema and other serious health problems. Symptoms do not appear immediately, but if you do not make your eyes clean, you will soon notice redness, burns, irritation.
  • To keep your lips hydrated
    Even if it is not noticeable, gloss and lipstick do not wipe off your lips until you go to bed and continue to dehydrate your delicate skin.
  • To prevent bruises
    If you often sleep with makeup on your face, the skin of your eyes will soon become darker. In other words, the bags under the eyes will soon appear.
  • To prevent the fall of the genes
    Never sleep with the mascara on the genes. It dries overnight and causes your genes to fall, and your eyelids will be irritated and swollen. Use a non-waterproof, easy-to-remove mascara.
  •  To prevent acne
    If you think only teenagers have this problem, you are wrong. Acne can come back at any time if you do not wash your face. Loose pores usually cause bumps and inflammation. If you have or have had acne, remove the makeup with mycelial water.
  • To delay aging
    No, it’s not a myth. Every night your skin regenerates itself. If it’s not clean, it’ll get aging faster. You will not be able to avoid fleas, and premature wrinkles will appear faster than you imagine.
  • To let your skin regenerate
    Skin cells regenerate faster at night, so help your skin to do this – remove makeup, then apply an astringent and moisturizing cream with antioxidants.Do not forget to use high quality skincare products for healthy skin

Maybe now you are not aware of the harm that you do when you sleep with makeup on your face but you will notice in old age. Do not forget, your skin has to breathe and regenerate at night! In the future, you will be pleased to be aware of the needs of your skin.

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