Spring is considered as the most joyful season of the year, when the nature becomes adorned with lush greenery of fresh leaves, while the trees are laden with colorful flowers and fruits. So people like to refresh their minds with some pleasure trips to beautiful places at this time. There are numbers of European cities that are counted among the topmost tourist destinations, due to their architectural grandeur, natural scenery and different arrangements for the amusements of the tourists, only a few of which are enlisted as follows.

  1. Montreux in Switzerland – Switzerland is known worldwide for its scenic beauty and Montreux is a remarkable place on the banks of Lake Geneva. This town at the base of the Alps Mountains is also famous for housing many heritage sites, like Cretes Castle, Chatelard Castle, Caux Palace Hotel and Villa Karma. This place had been the residences of many renowned European personalities, which are now treated as tourist spots.
  2. Provence in France – The beautiful lavender fields and the trees blooming with colorful flowers attract the tourists to this city.  This seaside region of southeast France is particularly known for its beautiful landscape with different types of unique trees, like juniper, rosemary, Kermes oaks and sage. This Alpine valley is adorned with various picturesque gardens and parks that attain the best scenery during the spring.
  3. Vienna in Austria – Vienna is not only renowned as the capital city of Austria, but also for its rich culture in music and arts. There are numerous art museums of different categories that attract millions of tourists, most of whom prefer to visit during the springtime due to the favorable weather conditions. The tourists also love to attend different concerts and choirs held at the local state operas and theatre halls. Schonbrunn Palace and numbers of magnificent churches are also points of tourist attraction.
  4. Copenhagen in Denmark – The spring brings new enchantment in the famous tourist attractions of Copenhagen, among which Royal Danish Theatre, Church of Our Saviour, Christiansborg Palace, the City Hall and several other famous Dutch buildings, Nyhavn Canal and the renowned shopping centre of Stroget are most popular for the foreign tourists.
  5. Amsterdam in Netherlands – The countryside of Amsterdam is famous for the vast tulip fields, as the tulips of various vibrant colors bloom in the springtime. So the tourists can enjoy beautiful scenery with series of large tulip gardens amidst the network of canals and the Gothic styled architecture that is depicted in various palaces other magnificent buildings.

Apart from these above-mentioned places, there are many more well known cities that are flocked by the tourists at the springtime.

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