Winter is a season when the mountainous regions experience heavy snowfall and the hilly slopes are fully covered with snow. Many people want to enjoy winter sports on these snowy grounds and they travel to the popular spots that are famous for conducting different types of winter sports, like skiing, ice skating, snowboarding and sledding. There are numbers of such tourist spots in various countries of Europe, USA and Canada, where plenty of tourists flock during the winters to participate in the winter sports.


  1. Megeve in France – It is a popular ski resort of French Alpine region, very close to Mont Blanc, which is the highest peak of Alps Mountain. The ski routes of total 445 Km are connected to one another by 116 lifts, among which the chairlifts and gondola lifts are more popular among the tourists. Different skating competitions are also held here during every winter.
  2. Dolomites in Italy – It is the most exciting tourist spot in Italy, where the tourists enjoy skiing over the circular snow-covered routes, which are popularly known as Sella Ronda. They also love the picturesque landscape with vast green fields and colorful flowers, at the base of the mountains. They relish on the delicious tastes of brilliant Italian cuisines, with hot espresso or top-quality brandy that are offered in the resort.
  3. Beaver Creek in the USA – It is a popular ski resort of Colorado region and this area hosts international tournaments in winter races every December. Due to its safety measures, people prefer to spend family vacations here and enjoy skiing with the kids of their families. The children also love to visit fair and magic shows, adjacent to this resort on the slope of Rocky Mountains.
  4. St. Moritz in Switzerland – It is a famous Alpine resort of Switzerland that is located at a great height of 1800 meters above the sea level. People play Ice hockey, snow polo and other favorite team sports that can be conducted over the frozen lakes and the snowy slopes and the athletes participate in winter races, which are fascinating views for the tourists.
  5. Whistler-Blackcomb in Canada – It is a popular ski resort of Canada that is located to the north of Vancouver. There are two skiing areas running on two mountain peaks, named Whistler and Blackcomb that are separated by a wide valley. As this skiing zone is very safe, many adventurous parents bring their children here to introduce them to these popular winter sports, mainly for skiing and snowboarding.

Apart from these five tourist spots, there are many other ski resorts and hill stations across the world, where exciting winter sports are conducted for the tourists.

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