In classic fashion, one has to insist for perfectly styled clothes. Classic fashion enables a person to appear stylish and elegant just by making a few simple cuts in the dress and also by wearing selected accessories like leather shoes and leather handbags. Dresses made of fine quality natural stuff are characteristic of classic fashion. A great advantage of classic fashion is that one can use the dresses, the handbag, and the shoes till they get worn out. They will not go out of style.

Tradition is very important in classic fashion and as a result, one need not change the accessories frequently. Dresses of classic fashion are value oriented and buying classic fashion dresses is, in fact, a long time investment. Those who use classic fashion dresses will spend money on altering their dresses since they want their dresses to be maximum durable. However, trendy fashion can go hand in hand with classic fashion. Those who wear classic fashion dresses can appear modern by wearing trendy accessories that are appropriate for the season. They can go for low-cost accessories that are trendy so as to be well within their budget.

The market is in fact flooded with different classic fashion brands. Some of the classic brands which were introduced in the market long back still remain popular. These types of classic fashion brands are iconic and their logos make them conspicuous. These logos are true symbols of quality. Quality of the clothes is their main concern. It will be interesting to know about some of the leading classic fashion brands.


The leading American classic brand Levi’s is known for its durability and toughness. This brand is more than 160 years old and is based in California. The denim jeans of Levi’s are very popular. Levi’s is one of the iconic brands of class fashion.

Nike Air Jordans

Among the leading classic fashion shoe brands, Nike Air Jordans is perhaps the largest. There is great demand for the exclusive shoes from Air Jordans and the fans of this brand do not mind waiting in serpentine lines to buy the shoes. Though Air Jordan was launched in the market only 32 years ago, the Jumpman line of shoes continues as a popular brand in the market. The most outstanding feature of Air Jordans shoes and apparel is the jump on them.


The superclass American brand Polo was introduced in 1967 in New York City. The Polo shirts and other apparels can be easily identified by its horse logo.

Calvin Klein

The American classic fashion brand Calvin Klein is on the market since 1968 and the denim jeans and under-wears of Calvin Klein are of unique quality. This brand is easily identified by the “CK” symbol.

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