Smoking is widely performed by a number of individuals worldwide. It carries a number of issues and concerns for our body which can affect us over a long run. One should ensure that they are moving towards quitting the smoking to live a healthier and happier life. Many people also have a habit of drinking while smoking which is making them also addicted to drinking too.

Nicotine is the primary constituent in the cigarettes. It is responsible for causing various chemical reactions in the brain which can prove to be harmful to your health. People who are smoking should also have a proper control over their social life when they are wishing to quit smoking, as it can likely affect their social life in a number of different ways. This quiz to discover your smoker profile can help establish if you are indeed a social smoker.

Details about the harmful effects of nicotine

As per the data which was received from the government, about 90 percent of the people who were found to be addicted to alcohol were even found to smoke. This relates the smoking with the drinking habits of an individual. It was found that people who were smokers were more likely to drink than the people who were non-smokers.

When we consider the effect on the brain, then nicotine and alcohol are having an effect which is based on the common mechanisms of the brain of humans. The time when an individual smokes, the chemical compound which is released will be entertaining the stream of the blood which will be transported further to their brain.

Nicotine is having the capability of stimulating the receptors in your brain which will provide a pleasing sensation. This pleasing sensation is the prime reason due to which people are more fond of smoking the nicotine which is giving them a feeling of pleasure. As you smoke on a continuous basis, the brain will be more reliant towards the presence of receptors over there which can have a prolonged effect on them.

The period when you quit smoking, there will be a reduction in the nicotine levels of your blood. The time period which is required for reducing the nicotine level will be of 72 hours. Still, the receptors which are developed in the brain won’t disappear immediately. This would result in their effect on our body in form of some emotional reactions. One can observe these reactions for a period of about 3 months after quitting smoking.

Researchers believe that alcohol is capable of fostering the feeling of pleasure. It has been suggested by the researchers that the intake of nicotine and alcohol in our body will be moderating the effect of each other. This results as the nicotine are having the ability to stimulate while the alcohol will be performing the function of sedating.

Socialising while quitting the journey of smoking

Once you have decided to quit smoking, you will be faced with a dilemma of socializing which can prove to be a big hurdle for you. People normally stop socializing when they quit smoking as it is making them smoke again. This should not be done as it would result in making them feel lonely over a longer run.

  1. Don’t delay your habits: The primary problem with most people is not being or acting normally after they have quit smoking. One should not face issues reacting and behaving in a normal manner once they have quit smoking as it will increase the burden over their mind to a greater extent. The primary thing about socializing which is important is the friends. Meet with your friends and try to know each other to enjoy the company of them.
  2. Talk to yourself: When you are moving out of your house have a small talk with yourself that you have left smoking. This will help you to leave it in a healthier manner while giving you a better lifestyle. The main intention of this is to keep reminding yourself that you have left smoking and will not be addicted to it again.
  3. Social Get Togethers: This will prove to be a useful means of getting to know your friends and colleagues who are not smoking. Even you can share the success which you have achieved by quitting the smoking.
  4. Exploring the time with non-smokers: It is required that you have a healthy group of people who are not smoking. Hanging out with them will give you a positive insight into the way in which you can leave smoking in a proper manner.
  5. Inviting a quit buddy: One should also have a friend who is in their support of quitting the smoking. This friend or buddy will give the required support to you to leave it in a positive manner. Even it will help you to live a positive lifestyle.


Thus, we can say that there are great benefits of leaving smoking. It will even have an effect on the drinking habits as its found to be linked with each other. It will further help them to have a healthier lifestyle where one can explore and enjoy the way they are living their life.

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