If you want to have a beautiful and healthy skin, include in your routine care habits that will help you maintain the elasticity of the skin and treat any imperfections :

1. Do not wash your face with soap

Soap dries the skin and damages the protective layer if it is used regularly and the result is acne. You should also get rid of aggressive cleaning products containing laureth sodium sulphate, instead choosing gentler lotions.

2. Never use scrub

It damages the skin and makes it harsh. For skin decontamination, it is good to use acid-containing products. If you need to exfoliate, use a good retinol cream. It’ll help with collagen production and help give your skin a dewy glow.

3. Do not worry too much about oily and troublesome skin

The more you stress your skin, the worse it will be. Follow the basic rules for your skin type and see the results. If you have serious problems, such as acne, consult a dermatologist or a good cosmetologist.

4. Do not turn your refrigerator into a beauty kit

Traditional cosmetic products are good, but can be overcome. There is a difference between applying your cream to your face and using a lactic acid cream.

5. Clean your face

Choose milk, conditioner or cleansing cream without SLS. Remove first makeup with mycelial water, then wash your face.

6. Tonify your face

It is good to use salicylic acid products because it balances the texture of the skin and cleans pores.

7. Hydrate yourself

Depending on your skin type, choose a nourishing and moisturizing cream. If you need extra care, buy serums and apply them before the cream.

8. The best antibacterial ingredient for skin is benzoyl peroxide, which removes excess fat. And antibiotics are good, but bacteria will become resistant.

9. Protect your skin from harmful external factors

The skin should be constantly protected from the ultraviolet rays of sunlight that are extremely harmful. Over-exposure to sun may cause, among other things, premature aging of the skin, drying. The risk of skin cancer also increases. Use a sunscreen cream even in cloudy days with an SPF equal to or greater than 15.
Smoking will make your skin look old and rough and will lead to premature aging of skin cells. Smoking also causes thinning of blood vessels, so that the skin will lack the necessary oxygen and nutrients, destroys collagen and elastin, fibers that keep our skin firm and elastic.

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