Excellence is the pivot for your dream bathroom, everything has to be perfectly placed and gorgeously designed, just as you have imagined. Nothing should be out of place, it’s your dream bathroom come to life – is has to be impeccable. The bathroom is a very special place for everyone in the whole house, this is where you visit often to retreat and refresh. In elegantly designed bathrooms you tend to be more relaxed and enjoy the perfect furnishing and finishing.

So, it’s time to plan and design your dream bathroom, after buying your new home. Maybe, you’ve got more income flowing in now and have decided to give yourself the type of bathroom you deserve. Here are best tips for your dream bathroom design.

Tip 1 – Plan an Appropriate Layout

Planning the layout is always the best place to begin and the layout will greatly determine how every other fixture will be placed. This is what brings out the dreamy effect in your bathroom. An appropriate layout should be one that has great space mapped out for all equipment that will be placed in the bathroom. There should be an adequate layout planned for all vent stacks, water lines, and drains.

The bathroom floor design is what determines the overall size of your bathroom. You need to decide the exact type of plan you will use for the floor, whether it will be one wall, two walls or three wall layouts. The smallest of all is the one wall layout because in this instance the shower, sink, and toilet are all placed on one single wall. This will restrict freedom in design and available space as well.

For that perfect dream bathroom design, the three wall layout will be the most desirable even though it is not as cost-effective as the one wall layout. With the three wet wall layout, the toilet can be placed on one wall, the shower compartment on another, and you can also include a bathtub and sink on another wall.

The whole essence of this design layout is to provide flexibility of design and provide a large space to add all the dream gadgets you have always imagined will be in your dream bathroom. So, be very careful with your layout plan, as this determines the beauty and glamour of the final outcome.

Tip 2 – Add a Glamorous Sink

We’re talking about your dream bathroom and the sink has a great role to add to its glamour. A normal regular affordable sink will not be appropriate in this sense. The dreamier your bathroom looks the more money you will have to put into it. We are not talking about putting a hole in your purse because of this project. Even though it’s a more expensive project than just designing a regular bathroom, it will be wise to consider the best ways to get the greatest value at the cheapest price possible.

You should consider using the integral bathroom sinks, such that comes with a vanity counter all in one piece. You could also use under-mount bathroom sinks as well, so as to easily clean dirt off the surface of the counter into the sink with one sweep.

While adding the sink, one should consider adding the toilet close by on the same wall, especially if the two wall floor layout is used. With the sink and toilet on one wall, then the other wall will be left for the walk-in shower and bathtub. The three wall layout which is the most complex and most expensive of them all can be factored out with the help of a special designer on board.

Tip 3 – Add a Perfect Walk-In Shower

You know how the luxury showers at the spa feel, you can reproduce that at home in your dream bathroom. Add a walk-in shower compartment to your luxurious bathroom by building a custom design. Carve out space; cover up all the walls with waterproof wall padding to protect from moisture. Frame the walls of the compartment with glass or any other material of your choice. Include rain shower heads on the ceiling coupled with the handheld shower heads as well. Every other component should be included to make your walk-in shower at home just like those luxurious ones at the spa resort. Your dream bathroom is a replica of paradise at home.

Tip 4 – Add Dazzling Bathroom Wall Cabinets

New age ideas for amazing bathroom come with several types of cabinets. There are varieties of cabinets ranging from the usual cabinet that is already fitted with a sink, with several other dazzling bathroom wall cabinets that bring out the celebrity effect. The focus of this article is not the ordinary normal fittings within the bathroom, most of those are overlooked because you already know what they are. Rather, the focus here is on those extra fittings that will make your bathroom like those found only in five-star hotels – you can try to get there!

Add a fantastic bathroom wall cabinet to one of the walls of your bathroom. I am not referring to an old-fashioned wooden cabinet; you should get a wall cabinet of better material that will not be affected by moisture. Purchase or custom build one, preferably such that comes with a large mirror in between.

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