Shutters are a thing of beauty, as well as a practical item. You should get in touch with an expert for buying the best shutters. As a first timer, it can be slightly confusing for you to buy these items without a hitch. If you are a first time buyer, the following things should be some of your top considerations while buying it for your home.

Wood type

Most people like to buy wooden shutters due to their obvious benefits over poly and other artificial materials. Wood is lighter and stronger. Shutters made of wood can be as wide as 37 inches, and you do not require over a few panels to make openings in windows. Other than this, there are some other advantages. Many customers love plantation shutters made of poplar wood as it is smooth, light and straight. Poplar trees are 160 feet in height and have a diameter of 80 feet on an average. Thus, this kind of wood makes for a great choice.

Size of Louver

Most shutters are 3.5 louvers in size. However, there is higher demand for 4.5 louver shutters due to larger windows and sliding glass doors. Customers actually need openness as well as modern interior design. When it comes to sliding glass doors, the best option is a plantation shutter. Your home needs to have shutters to ensure a uniform look and feel. Plantation shutters are actually fixed over a track, which allows easy opening of panels.

Vertical Tilt Bar

These shutters can be found with “hidden tilt”. There is no wooden tilt bar at the front in these shutters. A metal tilt bar, almost concealed from view, can be seen in its position. This can offer more open space and visibility.

Shutter price

These types of shutters are generally sold on a square foot basis. However, with a slightly higher payment, you will be able to derive advantages from specialty shapes, hidden tilt and stain finishes among other options. You need to spend handsomely to get the shutters of your choice.


Midrail refers to a horizontal plank. The louvers over the midrail open and close without depending on those that are situated beneath. Lots of consumers like midrails given that these leave open the top section to admit more amount of light as well as leave shut the lower section to allow more privacy. If you go for metal casings, a midrail would be a better option for you.

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