Yes, a gym workout definitely has vast health benefits especially if you want to burn calories. However, the gym is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you find it hard to enjoy gym your time at the gym, you are actually not alone. And you should not think that you are doomed.

Here are some of the calorie-burning outdoor sports you should try.

  1. Football

Football is one of the best outdoor sports for anyone who is looking to burning considerable amount of calories per day. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that you have to join a team sport. I simply mean that you should find some like-minded people who are also ready to get into shape using football. Identify a community field and commit yourselves to playing football for 90 minutes every day.

Alternatively, you can join a local league that matches your skill level. When playing football, you will be running and changing very quickly. These activities will definitely help you drop the pounds. Playing football can actually burn up to 900 calories per hour.

  1. Running

Jogging and walking everyday is great. However, you will burn more calories if you increase the pace. Running is very effective because it works all parts of your body. It works your pecs, abs, quads and calves. If you want to burn more calories, maintain a speed of more than 8 mph. You can identify a friend or a family member whom you will be competing with.

  1. Martial arts

Any kind of martial art, from judo to karate and tae kwon do, is very effective when it comes to burning calories. Even though it is mostly practiced indoors, it is sometimes practiced in secure pavements outside buildings. Martial art will get you moving swiftly in different directions. Whether you are an expert, or you are a beginner, you will never go wrong with martial art.

  1. Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is one of the outdoor sports that burn calories effectively. The sport targets the shoulders, abs, arms and legs. It tones these parts of the body thoroughly. When you are playing the game, you will be in the move continuously, and you will be squatting, jumping, hitting or serving, and changing direction endlessly. This will definitely help you tone down. Furthermore, you will be moving on sand during the game, and this makes things even more difficult. The fact that the movement is difficult will boost calorie burn.

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