The lighting arrangement is a vital factor in the decoration of any house, which brightens up the entire spirit of the building. The lighting fixtures should be installed carefully in every room, as the lighting of each room of the house has its own characteristics and should be planned accordingly. The hired interior designer and electrician should be aware of these matters and use care in providing the best lighting design in the entire house of their client.

Bedroom lighting planning

The lighting of the bedroom should be soft and bright, which can be achieved with floor lamps or arched lighting fixtures to direct light to a wall mirror. As many people have the habit of reading on the beds, the arrangement of focused lighting should be provided close to the bedside table in the form of a table lamp or wall-mounted lighting over the dresser that is close to the bed. All switches of the bedroom lights should be able to operate from the bed only.

Bathroom Lighting

The lighting fixture in the bathroom should be placed over the mirror to cast direct light on the people, who may want to see their images in the mirror. Some bathrooms also keep a central lighting to provide excess light to space. All these lighting arrangements should be provided with LED lights that can save energy and illuminate the house at a cheaper cost. Your local retailers and manufacturers such as Bathroom City have a large array of items with different colors and shades that can accentuate the feeling of luminosity that you might be looking for.

Kitchen lighting pattern

The kitchen always demands bright lighting for enabling the cooks to see all the food ingredients clearly. So it is best to install lighting fixtures on the ceiling and preferably over the sink, to cast direct light on the working station of the kitchen. The countertops may also be doubly lighted with lighting fixtures installed within the kitchen cabinets, which are below these kitchen countertops.

Living room lighting

Since the living room is the place where all the family members gather and enjoy their free time, it requires bright lighting without any shadow. So the lighting fixtures will be installed in such a way to direct the light straight to the ceiling, from where it can be scattered to illuminate the whole room. The decorative lighting fixtures in the style of canopies may also be installed on the walls to direct the light to the opposite walls, from where the light may be bounced to fill up the entire space. If there is a reading corner near the bookcase in the living room, the provision of a table lamp may be a convenient idea. More focused lighting with arched fixtures may be needed over carom board or similar game arena, where more light is needed.


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