European destinations are sure to surprise. Moving away from the regular hotspots namely, the Barcelona, London and Paris, there is lots deeper to maximize your trip to Europe. To begin with the best places:

Porto, Portugal

Porto is a unanimous choice among tourists visiting for its being exceptional in its architecture, gastronomy, culture, discoveries, encounters, trade and history that is sure to charm you. Strolling along River Douro or flying by helicopter to view its magnificent bridges and landscapes or take a cruise, Porto will not disappoint you. There are remarkable buildings, grocery stores, markets bustling, restaurants and bars.

Milan, Italy

Milan is vibrant and interesting. The contemporary art, it’s imposing Duomo in marble is impressive at palaces, churches and museums. Milan is frequently visited by American and Swiss travelers. Milan presents a positive image that it ends up attracting travelers in large numbers. Visitors are sure to be captivated by its style, elegance and international flair. You need the right type of outfits, dresses and shoes for a complete experience here. Milan represents fashion and incredible shopping experience that is sure to fit all pockets and tastes.

Athens, Greece

Athens is travelers preferred destination. It features charming neighborhoods, and has the pride of being the oldest cities in the world. Athens reveals the past and present majestically, besides undergoing renewals to stay in line with urban features that keep evolving time and again.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is one of the Europeans preferred destinations of travelers.  The City has great reputation and receives travelers in more numbers from Germany. The Ringstrasse is the beautiful boulevard and has a dense concentration of several representative palaces, buildings and parks. The majestic buildings reveal the radiance, while an elegant promenade is transformed into Modern Boulevard. The Ring section is the hotspot that is next to the Danube Canal. This hotspot features modern architecture and urban bar scene attracting young audience primarily.

Basel, Switzerland

Basel in the heart of Europe beautifully borders Germany and France. It presents a combination of Swiss quality and its multicultural population unmistakably transforms this city into cosmopolitan and innovative. Basel is the cultural capital and it has 40 museums in a small area. Everyone coming here will find something interesting meeting their taste. There are world-renowned exhibitions covering various subjects that every visitor will find their choice.

Going to such prominent and renowned places, calls for an alert to booking tickets and hotel reservations early. This also will serve as a measure to save some money that can be wisely spent while traveling in Europe.

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