The regular habit of makeup is a necessity for many women, who wish to make themselves look more beautiful, by concealing most of their natural shortcomings. But makeup is an art that must be mastered properly for applying the makeup cosmetics in a right way. So it is better to visit a beautician and learn some makeup tips, to be able to follow a scientific makeup regime for bringing out the best beauty in a person.


  • Clean the face thoroughly – First of all, the facial skin should be cleaned carefully with beauty soap or preferably a face cleanser from a good brand. However, some people may scrub their face regularly while taking bath and get it ready for makeup.
  • Application of a sunscreen cosmetic – There are lots of sunscreen lotions and creams are available in the market. So it is better to choose a good sunscreen product and apply it lightly over the whole cleaned facial skin. These sunscreen cosmetics are usually provided with moisturizer that hydrates the skin and protects it from the harmful UV rays of the sunlight.
  • Use of a makeup primer – The primer is needed for the easy and faster blending of the makeup cosmetics with the skin that helps the face to look natural. So this primer should be applied with the finger all over the skin, wherever the makeup will be applied. The primer also helps to hold on the makeup for the whole day, thus maintaining the beauty of the person.
  • Addition of foundation over the face – The foundation should be chosen according to the skin tone and the quality of the facial skin. A beautician can guide in this matter and may show how to use it perfectly before makeup. The foundation should be applied in a thin and uniform layer over the face, most preferably in circular motions with the fingers or a light brush.
  • Concealer may be needed – If there are some undesired blemishes of pimples or dark circles on the face, the concealer can be used for hiding all these marks and make the face totally spotless.
  •  Addition of translucent powder – Some translucent powder may be added with a brush over the foundation base, to prevent its rubbing off the skin during the makeup procedure. However care should be taken while brushing this powder over the cheeks, chin, nose and forehead so that powder does not get into the eyes or nose.
  • Application of a blush – A suitable blush is used to make the skin look healthier and it is applied with a brush over the cheeks.

Then the concerned person may opt for eye makeup and lips makeup, as per her wishes and requirements for completing a fulfilled beauty routine.

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