Living in a home with a fantastic interior décor, designed and maintained tastefully, can make your existence more pleasurable. However, it can be tough to maintain your indoor space – given the enormous time, efforts and expenses that are usually associated with proper maintenance and makeover. Here are some tips that will help you to maintain your home quickly, and improve the appearance of your home interior.

Fix old chairs

Old chairs are often unseemly in modern spaces, and look out of place. It is recommended that you fix the old ones in your house. Drill some pilot holes and drive screws through the bottom rung and into the legs of the chair.

Get rid of water stains

If your ceiling has water stains, you should use this tip before repainting it. Make use of a water – bleach mixture and apply it onto the ceiling surface with stains. Wait for some days. In case it is an old stain, make use of some mildew and mold product. This will remove the stain within a single day. This method can be useful on flat as well as textured ceilings.

Fix a shutoff valve

If you have a non-working or flawed shutoff valve, replace it as quickly as possible. If that seems to be impossible, purchase a suitable replacement washer from the local hardware store. Clean the valve and take off the grit. Insert the new washer and check whether it fits properly. This will help address the issue.

Repair a loose showerhead

Do you have a wobbly pipe or a faulty showerhead in the bathroom or kitchen? Encase the wobbly pipe with some expanding foam. It will help take care of the wobble and fix the pipe.

Address screechy floors

If you have a screechy floor that you wish to fix, locate the floor joists with the help of a stud finder. You can access the joist by driving a screw in through the subfloor, pad and carpet. Ensure that there are no threads in the upper section of the screw. You might ideally like to make use of narrow screws, as these come with larger heads. In such cases, you would like to pull the screw up and re-tighten the same.

Close loose cabinet doors

In case the doors of your cabinet are slightly loose and do not stay closed, invest on a magnetic door catch. You may opt for roller-style door catches.

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