The cosmetic products are regularly needed for the common people, whoever wants to appear attractive before the other onlookers. But all kinds of cosmetics may not be suitable for everyone and may even cause harm to the skin health. So it is better to consult a beautician before buying any specific cosmetic products from the market. However, there are several guidelines that can be followed while choosing the cosmetics from the shops.


  • Try the cosmetic to see if it suits skin type – Some cosmetic products may not be suitable for the normal or dry skins, as these chemicals cause further dryness and make the skin look dull and sick. Some cosmetics may also cause irritations on the tender skin surface, like that of the lips or under the eyes. Some people also may be allergic to certain chemicals and thus, need to avoid all such cosmetics where those chemicals are used as ingredients. However, an expert beautician or dermatologist can guide people in this matter.
  • Select according to the skin tone – Some cosmetic products, like the blush, foundation and the products for eye makeup should be purchased as per the skin tone of the user. Any wrong choice can cause blunder and hamper the whole makeup of the person that is not desirable. The cosmetics of darker shades should be chosen for people having dark complexion; while the fairer people may choose lighter shades for their makeup.
  • Buy from branded companies – As the cosmetics have direct skin contact, it is wise to spend more money for buying the products from the reputed brands only. The renowned brands are sure to provide the best quality products, which are safer for use. So it is better not to compromise on the quality of the cosmetics.
  • Consider the type of skin – There are people having dry skin, oily skin or combination skin. The requirements for each of these skin types differ from each other and likewise, the types of most of the cosmetics also differ according to the skin type. Hence, the buyer should mention his/her skin type while buying any particular cosmetic, or it is better to ask the beautician about the right kind of cosmetic product to be purchased, which will be suitable to his/her skin type. Some people may also have too sensitive skin that cannot tolerate all types of ingredients and can create irritations.


Thus, all these vital points help people in buying the cosmetics that are most suitable for their skin and are likely to enhance their beauty.

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