If you are looking for some fresh, the North of England is probably going to be your greatest and also the perfect adventure and outing of the day, especially if you are a cyclist or a walker. In the year of 1988 this place was awarded with the title of outstanding Natural Beauty, therefore if you have not yet experienced it then you should do it soon.

You might be thinking of reasons why you should visit it. If you are a cyclist or hiker, then there will not be single moment where you will be bored. You are always going to want to find a magnificent spot to look for. The entire place is highly breath-taking. Once you actually go there, you will see there is a lot to explore. You will find meadows, dales, peatlands, upland rivers and woody areas.

However, for some this place can prove to be a bit challenging, but with Leisure Lakes Bikes, your entire itinerary is going to be planned out. Thus, be ready with your hiking boots and cube bike to make memories that are going to be everlasting.

The first steps

Wear and Rockhope valleys are one of the stunning places in the North Pennines to start with. The beautiful view is going to be your motivation and it will make you want to pedal your way through the entire trail. However, if you are looking for a place to stay the night then the Durham Dales is the right place to start with.  This place also gives you the opportunity to stretch your legs and relax for a bit.

The journey

Try and stay focused throughout the trail making stops at every will not help you in your journey. If you keep following the road, you will soon come to a bridge after this you can see the Rockhope Inn this is the perfect place to get some drink and to freshen up for the journey ahead. After passing the river, you will come to the most favorite place of all cyclists on this route, Allenheads Inn.

Make sure that you stay on the B6295 road and soon you will be in a place called Cowshill. This place gives you a well-deserved break that you need. If you keep following the road, then you will come to the road named A689 and continuing this you will reach Ireshopeburn.

After this you are going to cycle past the St John’s Chapel and also Daddry Shield, try to stay on the route of Pleasant Road and not divert to some other road. This place is filled with cafes and restaurants. Further down this road you will find a country hotel named Horsley Hall, if you keep going this road, you will reach a bridge crossing a river, make sure to take a right to B6278 road, and then you will be back at the place Stanhope.

How long does it take?

If you travel at a moderate speed then you will be able to complete the trail in about two and a half hours. However, you can also finish the trail earlier if you travel at a faster rate!

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