Every educated person is distinguished by decency, label, and behavior in different situations. However, not every woman can be a real lady.

Here are the mistakes that do not allow all women to be true ladies:

1. Fake things
If you can not afford a bag or a pair of branded shoes, it does not mean you have to turn to the kids. These are distinguished from a post and give a very bad impression. You can purchase stylish and quality items from companies that are not as familiar and affordable.

2. Strong colors
A woman who looks at her looks, knows what suits her best, so she will not exaggerate when it comes to makeup. Too strong colors are not a good choice.

3. Inappropriate posture
The backs must always be straight. Thus, muscles will also become stronger.
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4. Negligence
A real woman will always take care of her. You should do as much as you can to sport, eat healthy and do not forget the salon. Hair must always be arranged and cared for manicure.

5. Clothing in different situations
A lady will always know what to wear, when to wear. Not everything you like in the wardrobe can be worn at any time. If you put a few extra pounds, you can not wear the older clothes anymore.

6. Loss of temper
To be a lady, you need to know how to control yourself in critical situations. The agitated movements show anger.

7. Without stockings
Never wear a skirt or dress without stockings. It’s a gesture incompatible with any lady.

8. Response to sneeze
When someone sneezes, you do not have to answer, saying Health! or luck! This can only be allowed in a very close circle, such as the family.

9. Speaking or laughing laughter
The voice tone must always be controlled.

10. Open umbrella
The umbrella should not be left open to the ground. Put it back in its holder.

11. Eat on the street
The table should always be taken in a suitable space. A true woman will never eat as she goes.

12. Indiscretion
A woman does not have to expose her first-time problems. If you want to be a lady, keep your family or work for you.

13. White shoes
White shoes are extremely difficult to combine. In general, they only wear in a summer set with a white dress. Otherwise, it would be better to choose classic shoes, other colors.

14. The delay
It’s nice to never be late. A lady will never wait for someone, if it is not punctual.

15. Arguments
A lady must always have an opinion, but she should not impose it. Everyone chooses to believe what he wants.
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