The topical-oils of herbal type are the best for men and women with hair fall problem like gray hair and for damaged hair due to hair straightening and curling with the electric heater and iron. The below mentioned is the hair health tips to keep your hair healthy. You can buy herbal oil from online stores, if they are not available in your region. It is advisable to check first with your nearby herbal store and shop inline if they are not available in herbal stores.

Neem Oil to Clear Dandruff

Dandruff is the main cause of hair fall in men and women. They damage you scalp and your hair near those areas will fall naturally. The Neem oil (Azadirachta Indicac) is the best topical solution to apply on your scalp and clear dandruff within few weeks. He or she must apply them for an hour time before taking the bath to get the best results.

Amla oil for Gray Hair

The Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica) is the right hair oil for gray hair. You must not that, the gray hair cannot become black and the Amla oil can reduce the number of graying hair naturally after applying them on regular basis.

Coconut Hair Oil for overall Healthy Hair

The best oil for overall health of your hair is to apply coconut oil daily or thrice a week. He or she can apply slightly on your hair daily to keep your hair shining and they make you hair black in color. You have to apply them on your scalp and hair and wait for at least one hour before taking a bath to get excellent result. They remove dandruff; enrich your scalp health and make new hair to grow.

Almond oil to Curb Hair Fall

Alopecia is the main cause of hair fall in men, which is a hereditary factor. Such people with hereditary baldness can use Almond oil daily in their adult age and stop reducing hair fall naturally. You must apply Almond oil on your scalp and give a gentle massage with your own fingers to get the best result.

Jojoba oil for Women

The Jojoba oil is the best herbal oil for women to use for the healthy scalp, monstrous your hair, multiple your hair growing cells and free from dandruff. It is advisable to apply Jojoba oil from the scalp to the end of your hair and wait for an hour before taking the bath.

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