Basements are usually static and stagnant areas, which do not sun exposure or air drying. Thus, the accumulation of water and buildup of moisture are major issues in these environments. Homeowners have to contend with excessive humidity and consequent problems like growth of molds. Fortunately, there are many foundation repair experts around who can easily address this issue at homes in some easy ways.


It involves water removal from basements. Professionals make use of helpful equipments such as a sump pump, which can add a lot of convenience to the process. However, in the absence of a lot of water, they can do with just a washcloth. Although it is not technically an important part of the waterproofing process in basements, the step is necessary.

Full repair of basement foundation

A defective foundation generally leads to the wetness of basements. In the foundation, water enters via the cracks. Although these cracks might not be instantly compromising your house, these can lead to major issues if left ignored for months and years. This makes a full foundation repair such a big step. Basement sealing can help actualize this process.

The process involves using a sealant. A narrow hollow tube that appears similar to a straw is used for spraying the sealant into the cracks. When the sealant touches water, it transforms into waterproof and thick foam. Specialists recommend that it should be done when the cracks are found to be dry.

Basement waterproofing

It is not enough to only have cracks filled up and ensuring an absence of leaks. Your basement can again turn wet, and this is possible as concrete is a naturally porous substance. You will need to apply waterproofing paint onto the surface. In a few cases, it would be advisable to place an inner membrane between the concrete and the interior walls.

Experts in basement waterproofing need to check each pipe and passage connecting the outside to the basement. This is important, as the opening might cause the entry of water and lead to the wastage of all your money and efforts in waterproofing.

Repairing damages and removing molds

Once you ensure that the basement is sealed completely, you have to take care of the damages that have already occurred. Although you would obviously need to handle the damaged components replacement on your own, removal by experts can ensure elimination of materials with mold contamination. The surfaces can also be cleaned and disinfected.

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