The rainy season is exciting and after the hot summer the rains bring a lot of relief and joy. Everyone enjoys watching the rain from inside the home. However, those who want go out everyday for their work or business will need a few preparations to manage the monsoon season. Especially, working women will require separate dresses for the monsoon months. Rains are always unpredictable. Hence throughout the rainy season girls and women who want to go out regularly may choose their dresses which should be fashionable and at the same time enable them to manage in all weather conditions.

Here are a few dressing tips for women who have to go outside daily, whether it rains or not.

  • During the rainy season avoid wearing white dresses. White cloth will get stained easily and when it is wet white cloth will be transparent. Dresses in blue, red and orange will be ideal for the rainy season. It is advisable to avoid long trousers also since they get dirty very quickly and you cannot get them altered till you reach home. Smart skirt is the best option during the rainy days. A stylish trench coat or jacket is also ideal. It will keep you warm also.
  • Sandals and leather shoes are not good for rainy days since they get soaked and take time to dry. Jelly shoes and floaters are the best options.
  • Hair will easily frizzy when the atmosphere is moist. When you go out when it is raining, a braid or a ponytail is the best option.
  • When you shop for raincoats, select a few umbrellas also that match with your clothing. Trendy umbrellas make your attire more fashionable. A printed umbrella will match with your plain color cloth. When you walk on the road holding a colorful, bright umbrella you will stand out among other people.
  • During the monsoon season it is advisable to keep your cotton dresses aside and wear the dresses made of synthetic fabric since they are opaque and dry very quickly. When it is raining it is comfortable to wear the synthetic clothes. Polyester as well as rayon clothes are lightweight also. These dresses look stylish also.
  • Dark colors and sturdy fabrics are ideal for monsoon season. Those who want to cover their legs may avoid tights and wear leggings made of synthetic material which are quick-drying.
  • Do not carry your leather handbag when it is raining. A stylish looking and colorful water-proof handbag with sufficient space inside to carry your essential things is the best option. Water-proof handbag comes in a variety of styles and colors.

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