A beautiful and neat skin is the secret of a successful makeup. Some women resort to expensive care products, hoping that they will keep their skin healthy and firm, but this often does not happen.

Here are some tricks that will make your skin look perfect with minimal effort.

1. Clean, tonify and moisturize your skin

The most important thing is to take care of your skin and keep it beautiful and healthy. Try to have a healthy lifestyle, eat nutritious foods, take vitamins and choose cosmetics according to your type of skin. You should regularly exfoliate your skin and always apply nutritional masks. But the main rule is cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin in the morning and in the evening. It is not enough just to wash your face – you should apply tonic lotion and moisturizing cream.

2. Hides skin defects

Use different colors to hide defects. The green anchor hides the red baskets – apply it with your index finger or sponge. If you want to hide yellow and brown stains and pigments, choose a purple or blue stripe.

3. Hide the dark circles under the eyes

Use an anticlock to hide dark circles under the eyes. Draw a kind of triangle and carefully mix it with your fingers. If the circles are too deep, a red lipstick can help. Apply it to the troubled area, stir it carefully, then add the anti-stick and stir again. So the skin under your eyes will look perfect.

4. Give your lips their natural color

Whatever the reason you have dark spots on your lips, it is important to remedy this problem both internally and externally. The skin on our lips is very thin, so it can be affected very quickly by smoking, coffee or tea. You can give your lips their natural color by preparing a simple remedy made from beet, honey and milk. Apply this mixture on your lips before bedtime and you will see the difference in the shortest time.

5. Take care of the contour

Face sharpening allows us to hide defects and accentuate good parts. The main rule is to highlight the areas you want to show and darken the areas you want to hide. For an oval face, darken your chin and forehead, where the line of hair begins. To make a narrow face a little wider, apply cheek blush. If you have a round face, you have to prolong it. Darkens the sides of the face (temples, cheekbones and maxilla) and highlights the forehead, chin and area under the eyes.

If you have a triangular face, you must restrict the upper part of the face, while the lower part should be enlarged. It darkens the temples and the prominent areas of the forehead. It then highlights the center of the forehead, chin and area under the eyes.

6. Choose and apply the foundation thoroughly

Choosing a foundation is a serious task because the outcome of the efforts depends on its quality. To find the most suitable shade, try different types of foundation on your neck. Remember that skin swelling changes slightly due to the weather, our mood, etc. Apply the foundation to the center of your face with a special brush or your fingers. Pay special attention to forehead, hair growth area and the sides of the nose.


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