Everyone loves to go for pleasure trips to the hill stations or sea beaches, where they can enjoy quality time with their family and friends. But some tourists prefer to visit some destinations that are quite different in nature from the popular tourist spots. They like to travel somewhere that either contains any highly interesting feature or there is any scope of tasting adventure. However, there are a few tourist destinations, which are actually very interesting for the foreign tourists.

  1. Great Barrier Reef of Australia – This is the largest coral reef system of the world, which comprises of thousands of coral reefs and numerous islands on the Coral Sea. This huge coral reef structure is built by the colonies of millions of tiny coral polyps that are living organisms. The tourists love the experiences of scuba diving, by which they can see the wonderful underwater life. They may also ride the glass-bottomed boats to watch the underwater scenery.
  2. Wildlife of Masai Mara – This national reserve forest is located in the Great Rift Valley Kenya. It is huge grassland that is inhabited by numerous African lions, African elephants, leopards, rhinos and wild buffaloes, along with hyenas, jackals, zebras, hippos, gazelle, waterbuck and impala, all of which are characteristic fauna of Africa. The peak tourist season is during July – November, when large numbers of animals migrate here due to the favorable climatic conditions.
  3. Rocky land of Patagonia – Patagonia is a huge region on the southern part of Andes Mountain that is divided between Chile and Argentina. On Argentine side, the land is very steep and has almost no vegetation or wildlife. So the tourists prefer to visit the Chilean Patagonia and enjoy the icy slopes of the mountains, glaciers and the coastline along Pacific Ocean.
  4. Amazon forests – The visit to this dense rainforest along the Amazon basin in South America is highly adventurous, due to the presence of huge wild flora and fauna. This forest area is shared by nine countries, thus the tourists may visit through any of these nations. The tourists can gain knowledge about millions species of insects, thousands varieties of birds, numerous types of mammals, amphibians, fishes and reptiles, some of which can be really dangerous for the tourists.
  5. Zip lining in Costa Rica forest – Vast areas of Costa Rica are covered by dense rainforests, where zip line is the primary mode of transportation. The zip lining is actually a pulley attached to a strong steel wire and the riders simply need to take hold of this pulley, which carry the tourists in this adventurous hanging position to the other sides of the mountains.                                                                                                                                      There are more adventurous tourist spots in the vast forest areas, deserts and mountainous regions in the world, which are flocked by the dare-devil sorts of tourists.

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