Jeans at work – something very normal for many of us, and taboo for others. If you work in a bank or a corporation with a strict dress code, it is likely that the jeans are out of the question. But if your workplace gives you some space for creativity, here’s how you can wear your straight cut jeans for women with style.

At the office, women often do not wear denim because this material is said to be dedicated to leisure. However, many catwalks, there have been many elegant and minimalist types of denim that you can wear even as a look office with the right accessories such as a red bag.

A denim wear is the easiest to use with a colorful accessory, and the red ones are perfect. Accessories with a red element, a pair of platforms, or a ballerina, or a bag, will instantly see a change in both office and casual outfits.

Of course, you cannot step into the office in the same way your dog walks every Saturday morning. A pair of distressed jeans wearing tennis can not be an acceptable look, no matter how permissive your company’s dress code. There is a fine line between relaxed and careless, but we are here to make sure you are on the side of chic relaxation.

The darker they are, the better

When it comes to jeans, a darker color is always better for the office. An indigo blue looks chic, while black jeans can go brighter in almost every situation.

Office jeans

Be careful to always wear them with a blazer and a pair of heel shoes, but give up on them if the company’s internal policy is more restrictive.

Wear them with heel shoes

What’s the easiest way to turn a pair of casual jeans into a pair of work jeans? Wear them with heel shoes. Scarfs with a stiletto holster or a splendor of fine sandals with bears and high heels are a good choice. You can never be wrong with a classic nude or black shoe.

Add a blazer

The blazer is one of the key parts of the work wardrobe and can instantly transform a pair of office jeans. It’s also an excellent way to infuse color in your outfits. Try one in a pastel shade – add femininity to the outfit without being too strident.

It matters how you wear your shirt

Never wear the blouse or shirt on the outside. Spend some effort and put it in your pants. In this way, your jeans will seem more suitable for work.

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