Open Plan living is a modern concept in home planning that adds value to your home. In it the Kitchen at the back of the house is enclosed along with the garden, thus creating a lighter space that is multi-functional. This concept is becoming popular nowadays when it comes to redesigning the kitchen.

National Association of Estate agents suggests after their research that kitchen improvements are included in the top four home improvements that can add value to any property. Houzz in their Research revealed that 54% of homeowners are adopting this concept of adding the kitchen with other rooms. Even 35% of them are making it totally open by knocking down walls.

With open plan living becoming popular there are more opportunities for the family get together, making dinner and hosting parties. However, what happens to the Kitchen after the party ends? The contemporary Kitchens specialists have investigated more investigate.

Open plan living converts the kitchen from a mere space for cooking food to one where the family can socialize. When walls are knocked down in between dining and kitchen, more light is infused. It actually becomes the focal point of the room which can bind other space together. As a host, an open space will let you enjoy time with your guest while you are cooking something for them.

Open space makes the rooms look bigger and there are design elements that will let you identify each section separately. There can be dining booths as well as a kitchen area and other places that will help to maintain the structure of the rooms. Natural light in the room can be enhanced with bi-folding doors.

Open space also let the parents keep an eye on their child while they play and the parents are busy cooking.

While most families are in favor of open space until there are families who find everything in one place chaotic. No doubt the pros of open space are many but there are some cons too and they cannot be overlooked. Cooking food has its own odor and when this smells roams in the rooms many people may get irritated. You will also not like watching your favorite soap opera and smelling the odor of fish being prepared for supper!

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