Is it raining outside and you are starting to feel a bit bored? Look on the bright side! Don’t open the TV set just yet. There are many interesting things that you can decide to do online, all from the comfort of your own home.

For example, you can start by visiting Duolingo which is an online platform where you can learn different languages and do assessments to determine your proficiency in them. There are over two hundred million users of this application across the world. This provides a ground for learning languages and at the same time a place to have fun. As you continue learning the classes and become more and more advanced you will be required to do tests and as you give the correct answers then you get a chance to unlock new levels and get virtual rewards.

You can also decide to take a 3D tour of the earth by the use of Google where you are only required to search the place that you would want to see in the Google maps and the results will appear on the left side of the page. You will then be required to click on the photo thus starting your online tour of the landmark and with a 3D view of the place. Most of the people who love traveling love do this as they are able to view different places when they are online and almost get to have a similar feeling to those that they would have when doing it physically.

The other thing that one can do online is to visit Patatap which is an application which is visual with sound and animations. It has unique colors, shapes, and sounds which are altered by the use of keyboards. The twenty-six rhythmic sounds in every set are triggered when one presses the A to Z keys and when the sounds are being played there are visual animations that appear in the background. Here a person without musical abilities is able to create a song. This is an interesting site for music lovers to explore and create as many lyrical sounds as possible. This is one of the fun things that one can do online and can be done even if it is on a rainy day. Other fun things to do online include free games or other fun online games depending on your hobbies and tastes.

One can also visit Videojug which is an online platform where one can learn to make almost anything. Here there are tutorials on how you can bake a cake, how to make toys or even how to make candles. You can learn several things from the comfort of your home. The limit is only your imagination 🙂

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