A new year is almost here and this seems to be a good reason to calculate your financial reserves very well and avoid a financially complicated year. Apply at least some of these simple strategies and start saving money effortlessly!

Take advantage of discounts

Almost all clothing stores offer attractive discounts from time to time. If you want to invest in more expensive clothes, which you can take even at half price, it is worthwhile to take a look at these special offers. However, do not buy from the first store you enter, but prospect the market and make the best choice. If there is a big discount coming but your short-term budget still isn’t ready, you can also apply for short-term loans and take advantage of these sales. You can click here for more info.

Follow the offers

In supermarkets, find at least 3-4 product categories in the offer. If you need them, choose those with special prices. But don’t stick to promotions, buying items just because they were on offer! Just keep in mind that, perhaps, when you really need them, you will find them at a much better price.

Reduce water consumption

Did you know that a bath costs twice as much as a shower or even more? With 20 liters of water on a shower, you can wash as well as a with a 150-200 liter bath. By showering, you save up to 70% water – and thus money! In addition, immediately repair the flowing sanitary items! This prevents the waste of water.

Electricity savings

Use energy saving light bulbs! They cost more, but they help to reduce the current consumption up to five times; in addition, they burn harder. Assemble light sensors in the hall or in the bathroom. Thus, you will never forget the light open! In this way, the light will only come on when you are in that area, and the power savings will definitely be seen on the bill.

Did you know that the TV consumes power even when it is turned off but not unplugged? The burning light means that it continues to consume – it’s true, less, but it does consume! When you go to work in the morning or even in the evening, remove the TV from the wall outlet! The same is true for your computer.
The phone charger consumes electricity also after the mobile phone has been charged and it is plugged into the socket. As soon as your mobile has been charged, unplug it!

Buy Class A or A + appliances! They are more economical from the point of view of energy.

Limit car-related expenses

Check wheel pressure once a month! When wheels are deflated, petrol consumption (diesel) increases by up to 8%. Empty the trunk! Many keep in the trunk a lot of things, often unnecessary, turning it into a mini-bar. With every 50 kg extra, fuel consumption increases by 20%! Use air conditioning only when necessary.

Movies at low prices

Cinemas have also begun to make deals: half-price tickets or one-on-one payments. Also, opt for discount coupons available on the internet! One option is to watch the movie at HBO. Usually, a few months after launch, you’ll find it on the television program. In addition, at home, you eat well and cheap!

Spend less

Keep your big banknotes in your wallet. Studies have shown that when you have a valuable banknote, you are less willing to change it to buy something, while, if you have small banknotes, you will almost always be tempted to find them … a purpose.

Reinvent the piggy bank

When you come from the market, put your pocket change in a piggy bank. Do this daily. Count the money at the end of the month! You will find that you put aside something every month. Go and change the pocket change into big banknotes and then put them in a bank account!

Make your holiday at low prices

The tent is a cheap and very good solution if you choose to spend your holidays abroad. Buy camping checks online and pay only 15 euro per night for two people. The conditions offered by overseas camps are excellent – toilets, showers, current and access to the pool, tennis courts, etc. Guesthouses are also a more advantageous option than hotels.

Do you have any other saving tips that you would like to share? I’d love to hear your opinion!

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