During summer the temperature will soar up and everyone will want to stay cool to protect the skin as well as body. Burning of the skin, burning eyes, open pores and sunburn are the common problems that we face in the summer. When a heat wave is in the offing we must ensure that our body adjusts to the extreme climate. The beauty tips to protect the body from the summer heat include a few changes in the diet and a few external applications of purely natural products. It is advisable to avoid or minimize the consumption of alcohol, aerated drinks, foods with heavy starch content, fried food and heavy gravies. During summer one may drink coconut water, lemon juice, buttermilk and Rhododendron squash in order to maintain the system cool. A variety of fruits like cucumber, musk melon, pomegranate, watermelon, etc. may be included in the diet. Fresh mint leaves also may be included in the drinks.

Here are a few beauty tips to protect the body from the summer heat.

  • Women who are working and those who are at home may make it a practice to wash their face and neck using fresh cold rosewater for few times a day during summer. The fresh rosewater may be stored in the fridge. This is very effective method to keep the skin fresh and cool.
  • One must maintain the skin soft as well as hydrated during summer. Women may store the watermelon peels in the fridge and rub the skin with the peel as soon as they are back from outside. This application will enable the skin to remain cool and will keep the skin soft and hydrated.
  • Many women complaint about open pores during summer. Tomato is the best natural remedy for open pores. Small slices of rough tomato may be kept in the freezer and keep them pressed on the skin so that the skin will absorb the juice of the tomato. The slices may be gently rubbed into the skin. The open pores will soon disappear.
  • During the summer many people experience burning of hands and legs. The soles of the feet and the palms of the hands may be rubbed using slices of bitter gourd. There will be immediate relief from the burning and the skin will appear fresh.
  • Body odor is a big problem during summer. It is advisable not to wear dresses made of synthetic material and wear only cotton and linen clothes. Wear loose and airy dresses so as to keep the body cool.
  • Rinsing the hair with Neem water is the best treatment to heel the boils on the scalp.

Those who implement the above tips on daily basis during the summer season can get quick relief from the burning and can remain cool.


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