A cursory look at homes in your neighborhood will make you feel like they are the same. That is of course, true only for their external appearances. They are different when it comes to the insides. Style statements are reflected better in the interior spaces, where you can feel the differences in a more distinctive way. Although it is possible to combine the furniture with the tiles, it is not very easy. Get some top tips to style the interior décor of your home.

Focus on the living room

The living room is undoubtedly where the action is, and the spot where guests and visitors assemble. You have to make it as attractive as possible. It is possible to establish a royal ambience with large format tiles. Walls can be made very appealing with patterned or mosaic tiles. You can get fancy tiles in vibrant colors. Strive for creating an illusion of open spaces with glass doors and only a small number of furniture items.

Design the small spaces

As small spaces look congested very fast, it can be tougher to design them. It is best to install folding furniture, as you can remove them easily. With large tiles, you can make rooms look larger in size. In confined areas, the use of multipurpose furniture can be effective.

Strive for a vibrant kitchen space

With brightly designed and colored tiles, you can achieve fantastic fashion statements and attract the interest of guests and visitors. Who said kitchens should be ignored and left to look drab and only functional? You can find a wide range of tiles, such as digital tiles and ceramic tiles, which can give you a more exciting and appealing kitchen space.

Update your lighting

You can make your home look brighter and more inviting by upgrading your existing fixtures. You can add wall sconces or track lighting. It is also a good idea to use a chandelier to act as a substitute for the overhead lighting. It can be inexpensive to set up dimmers, but this small renovation can go a long way to improve the interior décor of your home.

Replace sliding doors

You can also substitute your existing sliding doors with French doors, in order to add a touch of elegance to your interior space and improve the appearance of your patio or backyard. A small home renovation project, this can take up only a single afternoon.

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