Whether you are installing a new bathroom, or you just want to improve it, you should do your research well and find out what you need to do to create a space that looks expensive, elegant, efficient and attractive.

A bathroom is a very important space in your home. In fact, you cannot live without it. You use your bathroom every day. It helps you maintain hygiene and good health. But how do you decorate it to make it beautiful and more spacious? Well, here are few suggestions.

  • Install built-in shelves

If your bathroom is small, and you want to create enough room, you can buy and install built-in shelves. They are actually perfect especially if you want to open up the space of your small bathroom. Just be sure to keep the shelves organized.

  • Add few pictures

Contrary to what many people think out there, bathtubs and pictures can be the best of friends. However, you should not overdo it. So, choose few of your favorite paintings or pictures and hung them at the top of your bathtub.

  • Use multi-purpose items

Instead of buying a bathroom table and towel holder, you can simply buy a stool. Yes, a simple stool will save on space because it will double as a towel holder and a table. Again, a simple stool doesn’t take as much space as a table.

  • Use unique and beautiful tiles

When you use unique and beautiful tiles on your bathroom floor, they will transform the room and make it appear bigger that its size. Even though the tiles won’t create more space, they will make the bathroom look bigger and more spacious.

Choose bold tiles because they will create contrast in your small bathroom and keep things very interesting.

  • A small sink is better

If you already have a sink in your bathroom and you are planning to replace it for the purposes of decorating you’re the room, we highly recommend that you replace it with a smaller one. This will create more free space.

  • Install the shower near the corner

Of course, no one would prefer having a shower near the corner. However, it’s a great idea if your bathroom is small.

  • Add a second curtain rod

One curtain rod looks beautiful. However, there is no harm in adding the second one. You can use the second curtain rod to hung towels and other bathroom accessories. This saves on space a great deal.

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