The bedroom environment makes a great impact on the mood and quality of sleep of those who stay in the house. The bedroom is the place where you spend hours together and hence this part of the home must be comfortable, stylish and impressive.


Pleasant and good quality lighting is very important for the bed room. Light has great impact on the mood of the people. Apart from making the lighting efficient as well as stylish one must ensure that the bedroom receives maximum natural light. The bedroom should not be too dark. Apart from the natural light there must be two additional light sources – one on the ceiling and a small lamp near the bed.

Make the room free of clutter

Unless the bedroom is free of clutter one cannot be happy and comfortable in the room. Within a few months it is likely that the bedroom has a lot of clutter in it.. By way of removing the clutter you can get more free space also in the bedroom. The things that are not in use or not required may be removed from the bedroom and the things that are used in the bedroom may be organized perfectly. You must see to it that your bedroom is unique. The dresser top must be thoroughly cleaned and there should be no piles of clothes on the floor. The bedroom must be completely free of sting.  Unless the bedroom is clean and have sufficient fresh air, one cannot enjoy quality sleep. In order to free the bedroom from clutter you may donate or dispose off the clothes that are no more required and also ensure maximum usage of the storage areas of the house.

Colors in the bedroom

You have already decorated your bedroom with colors of your choice. However, colors have significant role in making the room fashionable. The already colored bedroom can be given a few additional touches as part of your bedroom improvement project. For the bedroom you can have soothing colors like green and blue and bright colors can boost up your spirits and you can be more energetic. In addition to making the walls of the bedroom more colorful the bedroom can have more colors by way of keeping colorful pillows, bed-sheets and curtains.

Decorate your bedroom

The best way to improve the quality of decoration of your bedroom is to arrange the bedroom in such a way that many of your special and highly preferred items are displayed in the room. It can be a few photographs that brings happy memories, prizes or trophy won by you or things that are your favorite like a small, beautiful calendar, a stylish wall clock, a dressing table of your choice, candles, soft towels and a chair to relax, etc. A pair of houseplants may be kept in the bedroom near the window to provide natural touch to the bedroom.


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