Where are you bathing? This is an important question to answer. The process of providing this answer will cause you to re-evaluate your bathroom to see if everything meets up to standard. Some people have bought homes and are living in them for decades without trying to refurbish or re-design the bathroom. So, where are you bathing? Is it in a standard up-to-date facility bathroom or in an old battered old-fashioned scrap?

This question and the information herein come as a wake–up call for us all to evaluate the facility and décor of our bathroom and possibly re-design it if it falls short of the standard. The first place to check before considering a renovation of your bathing area is your income level. If there has been a significant increase in your income, and there is extra cash available, then it will be best to refurbish or redesign your bathroom. This is your home we are talking about and your comfort and luxury – where you remove and ease off of the tension accumulated from the rigorous daily activities.

Here are some questions that will help you evaluate the condition of your bathroom. The answers provided will determine the actual standard of your bathroom.

Question 1 – Will Your Income Level Fund A Complete Bathroom Re-Design?

This is the first place to start your evaluation to avoid frustration. Just imagine after evaluating and concluding that you need a bathroom re-design fast. You also discover that the cost cannot be afforded; frustration and disgust will be the aftermath. The bathroom that once seemed alright to use will be loathed and despised without enough funds to renovate.

So, before evaluating the bathroom, evaluate your pocket. Find out if there are sufficient funds available to cover the whole cost of renovation, should it be required. In other words, check your cash reserves if you have much left, or if your credit facility can comfortably cover the expenses without dragging you deeper into much debt. If there are enough funds available you can continue to examine the state of your bathroom, if not just forget about it and continue to enjoy life at your level.

Question 2 – Examine the Present Layout of Your Bathroom

Find out the type of layout plan was used for the current design of your bathroom. This will enable you to know if there will be room for readjustments if the need arises. Check to see whether it is a one wall layout, to know this, find out the symmetrical alignment of the toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub. If the shower, toilet, and sink are all located and arranged on one single wall, then it is a one wall layout. Also, take note if there are other walls available in the bathroom that was not used within the present design. All of the details gathered from this survey will determine if there is a room available in your present space to create a dream bathroom effect while re-designing.

Question 3 – Check the State of Your Shower Compartment

Make sure your shower compartment is still in the right shape and functioning properly. This is the heart of the bathroom and is very vital. If it is not in the right shape, then quickly note down a need for a rebuild of a completely new walk-in shower compartment. This will bring live, glamor and luxury into your Bathroom. At least you will get to re-design it just as you desire.

Question 4 – What is the State of The Sink and Cabinets?

Most bathrooms designed in the past come with a sink that is coupled with wooden cabinet. Over the years the effect of moisture from the bathing area can negatively affect the wood of the cabinet. This might cause molds to grow on them if they were not effectively maintained. Checking the state of the sink and cabinet if they are in a state of disrepair is essential as this will need an immediate replacement or refurbishing. There might be a need for a complete change, if your sink and cabinet are so ancient, looking like those from the Victorian age. The fact here is that when furnishings are old or worn-out they need to be replaced.

Question 5 – Examine the State of Your Walls, Floors, and Ceiling

The type of materials used for the initial furnishing of your bathroom walls, ceilings, and floors goes a long way to determine how durable they will be over the years. If your bathroom has waterproof wall padding and waterproof ceiling panels already, then you are good to continue enjoying them as they need no repair or replacement. The advantage of waterproof wall and ceiling padding is the fact that it highly resists the depleting effect of the moisture that comes from constant bathing in the bathroom. If other materials were used for those walls and ceiling, especially if they were just painted, like is the case for most old model bathrooms. Then, check to see the nature of the paint used, if it has started to peel off, due to the contact with moisture. Check to also see traces of molds and other signs of decomposition that usually affects bathroom walls and ceiling. All these if present are evident signs of major refurbishing needed. Also check the floors of the bathroom if it is intact and if not, take note of all the things that need to be changed or repaired.

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