It is quite refreshing to go over a camping holiday as the weather starts improving. This will help you to explore the nature to its fullest extent and have a clear glance of the beauty that surrounds you by doing camping at a particular location.  You can even take your four-legged dog with you on the facilities which are available over there at the camping.

One would be required to have a clear idea about how they will be performing the camping and details about the location. This will give them a clear idea about the exploration which they can make and what equipment they need to take with them, from extra clothes, camping gas bottles, sufficient food supplies to cook, water, pet food, camera, and anything else needed. Each of the locations is having their own natural beauty and benefits which will help you in exploring them.

Dog-Friendly Campsites

For finding the dog-friendly campsites, you can have a visit to which is having a unique collection of the sites which might be right for you. We also have discussed here a few of the sites which are quite popular for taking your dog over a camping with you.

  1. Dunstan Hill Camping & Caravanning Club Site: The dates when this camping site will be open are quite varied in nature. Normally in the year of 2018, it is open during the period of 29th March to 5th November. If you wish to visit the Dunstan Hill Camping below mentioned is the address of visiting that location.

When you visit this location, you will get a chance to explore the amazing natural views and also the friendly wildlife which will be helpful in having a deeper exploration of the natural habitat. You will also find a number of locations to visit around and explore them. If you are specifically Harry Potter Fan then you would surely recognize this location as being the Hogwarts School.

The campsite is located at a distance of one mile from the North Northumberland Heritage Coast | Designated Dog Walk. This is having a size of around 150 pitches. For more information, you can visit:

  1. Secret Valley: This location is open just from the week which lies just before Easter and is open till the end of the October.

This place is right for you if you are wishing to try out glamping. The place is located just within the Quantock Hills of Somerset and all the accommodation provided is having their own firepits provided.

Key Amenities: Communical BBQ | Horse Riding Permitted

Size of this location is having 1 Big Yurt, 1 Tipi, 2 Shepherd Huts, 3 Lodges, 3 Lotus Belle Tents 3 Yurts, 8 Big Chief Wigwams and also 11 Small Wee Brave Wigwams.

For more information visit:

  1. The Sunnyfield: This place is open during the duration of 26th May and 3rd September in the year of 2018.

This place will be the right destination for you whether you are wishing to camp in a tent, a campervan or even willing to experience glamping. It will also help you to provide a spacious location which will be having a unique designed horse box, horsebox coffee shop, a straw bale breakfast cafe, and a wood-fired pizza oven.

Even you will be getting a time for exploring the surroundings and having a 15 minute of a drive away over the beaches of Folkestone which will be having an outstanding natural beauty. This one will have a size of 6 pitches which are available across 8 acres of grassy space.

Advice for taking the dog for camping

It is required to take into consideration a few of the factors before we are considering to take the dog for camping which is discussed over here.

  1. Make sure that the dog is fit and healthy: The health of the dog is primarily required in order to make them explore the camping to its fullest. You can give them a trial run to identify their fitness before taking them for camping.
  2. Will your dog become a trouble or a fuss: It is required that you are having a peace of mind at the location where you are visiting. This requires that you give proper training to your dog to enjoy the trip while also maintain calmness with least amount of barking. One can then explore the beauty of their camping to their fullest.

Checklist of the things to pack for your pouch

Dogs require some of the things to remain calm on the trip. This will require keeping a few of the things with you which can help you to manage your dogs easily.

  1. Their favorite toys: It will help them to remain entertained during the traveling or keeping them away from hazardous items.
  2. Collar with a tag: This will help us in identifying our dog easily from the pack of dogs which we might face over the campsite. You can even include contact number in the tag to get it back if the dog is lost.
  3. Bed: Beds of dogs are quite small enough and they can be fitted in your car to give comfort to your dog even on a campsite.
  4. Towels: Two towels will be required which will include one after their wash and the other one while they are walking outdoors.
  5. Dog poop bags: This will mainly be required if you want to remain safe from getting fined from not cleaning up after your dog.

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