As a homeowner, you can find many letterboxes where you can have your documents and mails securely contained until you open them. Solar letterboxes are one of the newer varieties of mailboxes available today that look similar to their normal counterparts, and come with many useful features such as a wide mail slot for bigger documents, newspaper holder, key lockable system and more. Read on and know these are a fantastic choice for homeowners.

Easy to set up

You can set these up pretty easily, with only a few basic tools like drill bits, screwdrivers and power drill. These types of mailboxes are designed to be mounted on walls. Thus, there is no need to create any holes on the wall surface for the installation purpose. This explains why many homeowners who prefer to keep their home walls untarnished like to use solar letterboxes rather than normal mailboxes that have been used for long.

Better visibility

These come fitted with LED lights, which make them more easily visible. This can let you receive and see documents and mails that are delivered at night. As these letter boxes are available with three sets of adhesive numbers along with letters “B” and “A” other than the symbol “/”, you can customize your home address more easily.

Saving power costs

Keep in mind that the use of solar lights means you do not have to bear the additional cost of installing electric lights near the mailboxes in order to illumine them. The LED lights used in these boxes can last for as long as 10 – 18 hours. There is reduced need for electricity as these are solar powered in operations, and no need to set up wirings to the mailbox lights. This makes them a smart, energy efficient and eco friendly choice for most homeowners.

More durable

As these mailboxes come with a stainless steel lid and body, these can last longer and hold up well against elements such as sun rays, wind and rain. These do not rust, and the documents and mails kept inside are never at risk of getting dirty and having the essential information written or printed inside being compromised in any way. Stainless steel can resist weather. Thus, boxes made of this metal are more durable, and can easily be cleaned and maintained. Due to the stainless steel construction, these make front doors look unique and much more attractive.

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